Passport Control -- Once or Twice

Rick, Every summer, my wife and I travel from NY to Germany (Munich) to visit her family. Normally, we're able to fly non stop out of EWR ... this year, however, we'll be flying Aer Lingus and changing plance in Dublin, Ireland. We know that Ireland & the UK constitutes a single "common area" for passport purposes, and Schengen constitutes another single "common area". Having never connected through DUB before, we were curious as transit passengers, will we need to pass through Irish Passport control prior to our connecting flight, and then pass through Munich / Schengan passport control upon our arrival at MUC? And on the return trip ... I can very easily see us having passport control "out" at MUC, passport control "out" at DUB and then US "Pre-Clearance" at DUB prior to our flight to JFK. Or am I totally wrong in this regard? Thanks in advance, Michael

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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You will not go through immigation control in Dublin, just in München. I think they might check your passport just as an identity check before you board your second flight to München. Does Dublin have US pre-clearance? I thought that was something exclusive to Shannon.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Both Dublin and Shannon have US immigration before you board your plane for the US.