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We will be in Paris from June 20th departing June 25th. I would like to know if having transportation as well as admissions paid in advance by purchasing a 4 day pass makes sense during a busy tourist time? Thanks for the feedback.

Posted by Ken
Spring, Texas
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There have been numerous similar questions posted. Do a search and you'll find lots of detailed replies. I'll summarize. Whether it makes sense depends on how much you will use it. You need to do the math. My personal feeling is that the carnet (bus and metro tickets) will be far cheaper of almost all typical tourists than a Paris Pass. Part of the Paris Pass is the Paris Museum Pass. Here you need to know what you plan on seeing while there. The Paris Pass will give you admission to most of the better Paris Museums. It also gets you into some of the surrounding day trip palaces/mansions. Versailles is the most famous and I recommend you not miss it. It's also pretty expensive so it goes a long way toward justifying the Paris Museum Pass. Being able to skip the lines comes in handy at some museums. Versailles, Orsay, Louvre are most mentioned although there are ways to beat these lines without the Paris Museum Pass.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Short answer is no. You have four days, what do you want to see.. and where are you staying( this is important, depending on where you are staying you may end up walking to sites more then taking metro.. ) There are many options that work up cheaper then buying the Paris Pass.. and if you plan on seeing at least 2 paid sites a day then the Paris Museum Pass may be a good deal, I think thats about 54 euros and well worth it .. but for transport alot will depend on what you want to see and where you are..
btw the 24th is a monday and some sites/museams close on mondays or tuesdays so organize what you want to see on that day so you don't arrive at something you really wanted to see on your last day and discover its closed..

Posted by Maryam
Washington, DC
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As the first poster suggested, do the math and see if the pass is worth it. Even if you come up a few dollar short, still get it for the skip-the-ticket-buying-line (but not the security line) advantage. If you get the pass, do not get it with the travel option. It is never worth it. Buy a carnet of tickets (a book of ten) and use that for your public transport traveling needs. No need to buy it ahead of time. Just get it once in Paris (if you arrive via the airport, buy it there). Have fun!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Maryann, the Museum pass does not come with a "transport option" the Paris Museum Pass and the Paris Pass are two completely different things, and no, the Paris Pass is almost never ever worth it , but the Paris Museum Pass can be.

Posted by Debra
Lakesland, Nsw, Australia
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I have bought a paris pass for 7 days with travel and it cost 180.00 approx as it was 10% off the week i bought it. So it works out approx 25.00 per day with travel. I skip the train lines as well as site seeing lines. There are a lot of attractions that would cost you 25.00 with travel so you have to study what you want to see to get he best value. I personally think its worth it for security and connivence. There is a great 2 day hop on hop off bus pass ect but you really need to do your homework. By the way i also got a London pass with travel and that works out at 30.00 a day.
I will be going to London for 7 days then joining 21 days best of Europe then 3 days in Paris and then Paris and the Centre of France. And there is no way i would have been doing this holiday without all the help and advise from the Rick Steve's company, books, Dvd's podcasts maps and his excellent advise and advice from others on his web site. So well done