Paris Pass

Any feedback on the paris pass... is it a good investment?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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No,, not unless you are a hopelessly frenetic sightseer.. The Paris Pass is not really a pass, but a collection of various passes , some of which you won't be able to use up to make the value of what you paid.. as opposed to just purchasing what you need.. The "Museum Pass" however has shown itself to be a good value for many people ,, for various reasons.. For transportation alot depends on where you are staying ( if you stay central many sights are within walking distance of each other ) and if only staying a few days then buying a carnet of tickets, good for metro or bus is a good value.. ( a carnet is simply ten one way tickets sold at a discount.. think its about 12 euros)

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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My preference is a separate transport pass and the Museum Pass. The two together are a lot less than the Paris Pass. A lot of folks on this site prefer buying a "carnet", which is a book of 10 Metro tickets for 13 Euro vs 1.70 Euro for a single ride (unless the price has gone up in the last 6 months). The Paris Pass includes discounts for things you probably won't get around to doing.
If you are in Paris for a week,there is a Semaine Decouverte pass for a week, but it starts Monday morning and goes to Sunday night, so you need to be there early in the week to make it pay.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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To clarify, there is a Paris Pass, a Paris Visite Pass, and a Paris Museum Pass. They are three different things, and yes, it is confusing. The Paris Pass and the Paris Visite Pass are rarely a good deal. The Paris Museum Pass can be a good deal, if you are seeing enough of the covered sights, are going to certain museums more than once, and/or are going at a very busy time (it lets you skip the ticket-buyer's line, which is particularly useful at Versailles). If it interests you, you can buy it in Paris (don't pay extra to get it before your trip). Details of prices and what's covered are here: Note that it's good for consecutive days, so make sure it fits with your plans.

Posted by Jarmine
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I want to do the river cruise (not with dinner), the wine tour, versaille, the orssay and Dali Museum... I am going on my honeymoon and I'm so confused... this trip is much more confusing to me than Italy which we did two years ago with great advise from Ricksteve's message board. I am going to get the Eiffel tower tickets there and we already booked the Moulin Rouge.... We are going for 9 days... the last day is traveling home so its 8 full days. The Paris Pass offered a lot and according to their sites the fees for the siene, wine tour, versaille and the Orsay combined per person seemed to be a lot and then you have to pay for the metro... can someone please try and streamline this for me. We are leaving in 1 1/2 weeks and are running out of time.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Jarmine Versailles, Orsay etc are covered on Museum Pass as well as many other sites.. 4 day pass is 54 euros,, a 6 day pass is 69 euros,, these is are good deals.. River cruises are cheap,, get online and order ticket now for discount Vedettes Pont Neuf I think are offering an evening cruise with advance purchase for NINE euros.. OR for special honeymoon meal, why not look at Calife Cruises.. for 40-60 euros each it includes a three or four course meal according to your choices.. nice pretty boats too.. food reported to be decent ( as opposed to some dinner cruises ) . PS Seriously doubt you will be able to get ET tickets in advance now.. they sell out months in advance.. never mind, lines are not always bad, and if you are fit take the stairs,, I did at 45 and think you may be younger, lol Stair line is never that long.. ;
When you go on offical website look at the "Behind the Scenes Tour" they get to skip line and apparently tour is pretty indteresting.

Posted by Sarah
St. Louis, MO USA
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My sister and I were in Paris for 8 nights and we each bought a carnet, plus a 6-day Museum Pass. This worked perfectly. We did need to buy 3 more individual Metro tickets each on our last day because the carnets ran out. I added up the ticket prices of all the museums we wanted to visit, including Versailles, and we saved 5 euros with the passes, plus long waits in the ticket lines at the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, and Versailles. In my opinion, the Museum Pass and a carnet is the way to go.

Posted by gone
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Jarmine, i bought the museum pass and some carnets. no problem and got more than my use of the pass. your mileage may vary happy trails.