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Paris Museums Free for Teachers

I just returned from Paris and I learned when I went to the Rodin Museum that all museums in Paris are FREE for teachers, with proper identification, such as a teacher ID card or even a pay slip.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my card with me so I had to pay full price (6 Euro for permanent collection and garden), but just wanted to pass on the information. I will definitely bring my teacher ID next time I visit Paris.


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That's great news! I'm planning my trip for next summer... 6 weeks in France, Spain, and Britain. Any money-saving tips help!

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Any other Teacher-discounts?? I am going to Europe in November...and I am a teacher.... Hints for Barcelona, Paris, Zurich??

Thanks for your help!

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Does a part time teacher or t.a count? my mom works the same amount as a regular teacher, but only teaches short special ed classes.

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You can find out more information about getting an International Student or Teacher ID card at this website -

It never hurts to just ask if there are discounts for teachers, as long as you can show some sort of employment ID. The person at the museum even said that I could have someone fax a copy of my payslip. I do have an ID card with my teacher registration number that I will bring next time.

Most places offer discounts for students, and in Paris, some are free. Just ask.

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I can't find any information about this. The only thing I found was on the Louvre site but it said you had to be bringing a school group with you during the school year.

Anyone else done this?

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Yes, the museum is free to teachers & students for the most part. Free to both at the Musée d'Orsay, just show any ID.. union card, school ID, check from school,
At the Hotel des Invalides & Louvre, Rodin, Musée Carnavalet, it's also free. Musée Carnavalet is a real find: the museum of the history of Paris, which, in effect, is also the history of France.

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I've seen a couple of websites that offer to sell an international teacher discount card if you can prove you are a teacher. My initial reaction is this is a scam. All I should have to do to prove I am a teacher is show my Teacher Association card or school id. Any comments?

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I took my Girl Scout troop to the Louvre. We all got in free (in August). Interesting... we weren't looking for free entry, but while waiting in line, we were asked if we were a "group" and were sent to the group admission office where they gave us all stickers and told to enjoy our visit!