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Paris Museum Pass

Does anyone have the current cost of the 6 day Museum Pass when purchased in Paris? I see that the online vendors are all over the place, so I am wondering if I should just wait and get it there at the little tabacc shop by the Louvre.

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Are you talking about the smoke shop in the underground shopping arcade just near the inverted Pyramid? Great place to go for Louvre tickets,...never any lineups....but I didn't know they sold Paris Museum passes, too. In an event, the six day pass is now 60 Euro. You can check out all the details at the official site,

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I'm not sure I am doing this right, but thanks for your reply and the info on the officail site. And yes, that is the tabbac shop I am talking about. I have purchased my museum pass there before. Now the word is out, there will probably be lines.

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Probably the best place to buy the Museum Pass is the Orsay Museum, because this place has a separate entrance and ticket counter just to buy the Museum Pass.

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You can also purchase the Paris Museum Pass at the airport.

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When pricing out whether your Museum Pass is a good deal, don't consider only how many days it will take for you to "break even", but also how long the lines may be, which is somewhat determined by whether it is holiday time in France. We purchased Museum passes both last April and again in August (2007) when we were there. We didn't "break even" for one day but what we lost in $$ (oops, Euros), we gained in valuable time saved from queing up to get in for some museums. The Cluny Museum is a great place to purchase Museum passes because their ques are usually pretty short. Last April, even the separate line to purchase Museum passes at the D'Orsay was running about 90+ minutes and then we had to wait another hour to go through the security post before we could get in. This was the week after Easter and the D'Orsay was very crowded. We had a similar experience at Versailles in August, even though we had the Museum Pass. Pat