Paris in November and then????

My boyfriend and I are going to Paris for the first time at the end of November. We will have 7 days. Originally planned to spend a day or two in Normandy but some are discouraging us because of the weather. Many have suggested Nice instead. Love to hear some other opinions. We like good weather but do realize we are going in November. We are from the Seattle, Pacific Northwest area.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Tracey,, well weather in Normandy in November will be wet and cold,, and its dark out at 4.30-5,, so its not a super duper choice then, but if you are wishing to visit the D Day beaches then perhaps the dire weather is appropriate for such a sombre place. If going to Mont St Michel it won't be very crowded, lol , but I am trying to get my head around moving around when you only have a week. Personally I have no idea why you would leave Paris at all for 7 days.. you will not run out of things to do there,, a daytrip is easy to do based from Paris, Versailles, Chartes, Riems.. etc.. and then there is a ton to do in Paris.. If you really only have 7 days please rememember a move anywhere removes a day of sightseeing..packing up, getting there,, checking in to new hotel..

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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I was in Normandy twice at the end of Nov... once was about 60 degrees, sunny and beautiful and even more beautiful because we had the place almost to ourselves. It was extremely special... and the next year (last Nov.) it was a bit cooler and windy (about 45) but still worth the visit. I cannot imagine being in such a solemn place when it is filled with tourists. Also last year went on to MSM and there were only a few tourists in the evening so I totally enjoyed the 'magical ambience'. I would expect the same type of weather you are used to. I would not go all the way to Nice and expect good weather as it could be cold there too.

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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Hi Tracey: I think Pat and Terry Kathryn have nailed it. I am just chiming in to add another vote for not leaving Paris. With only 7 days you will just be able to scrape the surface! I wouldn't skip Normandy b/c of the weather, though, if that is the only thing stopping you. Stormy waves and scudding clouds and an ominous sense of foreboding is PERFECT there. And in fact you could get clear blue skies and mild temps, too - so if your heart is set on Normandy, don't let the calendar month stop you! That being said, I personally wouldn't leave Paris if it were my first time and I only had 7 days. Not only is there a TON of stuff to see, but it is INCREDIBLY romantic to just laze around at a cafe and sip espresso and (a) people watch (b) gaze into each other's eyes... :-)