paris eiffel tower elevator snafu

Due to only one elevator working on the Eiffel Tower right now I can't get tickets ahead of time for sat Aug 4th do you think they might release tickets if the elevator gets fixed? Optionally we could wait in line if so would later in the day like 3 or 4pm be faster or should we just be happy to get to the second floor with our tour group and miss the top floor?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Bethany, so you already have assess to the second floor with a tour group? Once on the second floor you can purchase tickets for top on that level..
frankly if you already have prearranged assess to 2 nd level no way would I bother going to the top, but to be fair I have once(like 30 years ago) and I have not been even slightly interested in going to top again,, but have visited the 2nd level at least another 5 or 6 times over the years, the view from the 2nd level is very good. If you have no prearranged assess the lines will be VERY VERY long at 3 or 4 in afternoon, bad timing, to avoid long waits arrive at tour at least 1/2 hour BEFORE it even opens. The other alternative is to take the stairs.. its cheaper, its doable by most people( the stairs are wide enough you can go slowly and people can pass you ) and the lines are never as long, and always move steadily.

Posted by Bethany
Avon Lake, Ohio, USA
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Thank you so much for the timely and knowledgeable advice!