PARIS CATACOMBS, Least line/best time?

We wanted to see the Catacombs in Paris, VERY MUCH, but didn't book a tour far enough in advance and now they're all booked up for the week we're there. Does anyone have suggestions on what days and times of day are the least busy or least time in line? I know it's very busy from open til close, but is there ever a better time to go than others? Or should we just go a couple hours before it opens and wait...? Thanks!

Posted by gone
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hi, all i can relay is my experience from last march. i didnt buy any tickets ahead of time. My schedule was to visit it on a Friday first thing in the AM which i did. I got there early enough to sit and have coffee and a croissant across the street at a cafe/restaurant. there were about 7 people waiting before the ticket office opened and when i came over. maybe someone else will have a better idea and experience closer to your day of arrival. happy trails.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Shannon if you do not want to wait a long time in line ( and I have waited up to three hours) go BEFORE it opens.
I have been before, but last year we went , and made the mistake of arriving 30 minutes AFTER it opened,, and we waited almost three hours, I would not have bothered by my mate had never been and was dying to go and we didn't have another day we could do it on. The lines move slowly because they only let so many people down at once.. so after opening and the intial fill, the line will slow down to a crawl in. You do not need to go a couple of hours before it opens, I would think 45 minutes is sufficient..

Posted by Alexander
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This proved to be a major problem for some friends of mine last summer. Listen to Pat. Arrive early!

Posted by Shannon
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Thank you for your helpful responses! We will go before it opens.