First time visitor to Paris and wonder if any one can give me any tips on flying out of Terminal 1 at Charles DeGaulle thanks

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Paige not sure what sort of tips you need? Get to airport 3 hours ahead of flight time if flying back home transalantically, if flying within EU an hour and a half is usually sufficient. I am not in the camp that finds CDG airport any more stressful then any other airport. Give yourself time and you will be fine.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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If that is the terminal used by United, it's like a relic from the Jetson days! Very few amenities, so get your sandwich and reading material before you go through security and into that terminal....Inside that terminal, your food choices will be pretty second rate!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I agree with Pat. You will read all kinds of bad things about CDG, but most of them are about changing planes there, not arriving or departing. I, personally, have not had any problems there (which, of course, doesn't prove they can't happen). Do get there as early as Pat recommends. CDG is huge and has a high passenger volume, so it can take a while to get through the formalities (check in, security, etc). Of course, you may breeze through and have time to kill, but that's better than missing your plane, particularly if it's transatlantic.

Posted by Brenda
Carterville, Illinois, United States
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My experience there was not too bad. There were people around in uniforms that could be identified as associated with specific airlines and they are very helpful. Once back at the gate, I found drinks and snacks. However, don't expect a lot of chain food venders and a lot of choices.

Posted by Furnacefighter
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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CDG Terminal 1 is the easiest foreign airport that I have ever flown out of. Go in the door your dropped at, work your way around the circle (Terminal 1 is a circular building) until you find your airline. Check in, check your bags, proceed to the correct gate, board, then fly. Very seventies in decor. Austen Powers definitely lives at CDG Terminal #1. Enjoy your trip!