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Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 Users--A Question

I'm planning on getting one of these bags. I've noticed that they don't come with a shoulder pad?

Was it comfortable without the pad?

For those who added a shoulder pad, which one did you add?

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I think it is fine without a shoulder pad. The only thing that bothers me is that it will kind of pull on your shirt but any style messenger bag can do that.

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Wow, great timing on the question. I'd been looking at this exact same bag too.

My question for anyone that has it... would one of the new mini laptops fit inside? Something like the new Acer is 6.7" by 9.8" by 1.1"... it's within the overall measurements of the bag, but is there a compartment big enough to cram it in?

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Both my husband and daughter carried the Metrosafe 200 on our recent trip to Europe. They both added a shoulder pad for extra comfort. They used the shoulder saver by Imak Products. It is available for $7.95 at Hope this helps.

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I wore mine "messenger style" i.e. across the body, and I had no issue with the lack of shoulder pad. You could always switch shoulders on occasion.

Regarding the Acer PC, I just measured the compartment of my Metro 200, and I think you'd be cutting it VERY close. The compartment looks to be right at 10" deep, but it's tapered a bit at the corners. I'm really not sure that you could zip it closed with an Acer in there. Someone else here may have actual experience with this, I don't know.

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I have an asus eee that fit in it just fine. I also had a small wallet, passport, a paperback book, lip balm, etc. Now I will say that with the book, I couldn't close it all the way but it was fine for a little while.

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I also wear my bag strap across my chest, so there is little pressure on my shoulder. I found the bag to be comfortable, and that was with my camera and a water bottle (in the side umbrella pocket) Even with that weight, the bag was fine. I traveled in early November with this bag, so I had a light jacket on, that might have made the shoulder strap a bit more comfortable than if I'd just had on a light shirt (less padding)

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I think it depends on how much walking you plan to do each day and what you'll be carrying in the bag. I checked your Metrosafe model and it looks like it can hold two water bottles. If indeed you plan to carry two water bottles and the usual stuff (camera, snacks, sun block, etc.) then the shoulder pad might be a good idea.

My husband was in Rome, where it was hot and sweltering, and he was very grateful to have the shoulder pad on his Timbuk2 bag to accomodate the weight of the large water bottle he carried with him on his many walks around the city. Ciao.

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Thanks. I probably won't be carrying any water bottles with me. I don't travel in the height of summer so heat isn't a problem. If I do get a water bottle, it will be a small one. I can always get a new one when I need it.

I'll be carrying a blackberry, PDA, maps, guidebook sections and perhaps an extra jacket since my travels are usually in shoulder season.

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I had mind stuffed and I didn't have a shoulderpad and it didn't bother me at all. I had my rain shell, guide book, umbralla, snacks, water bottle, camara, cell phone, note pad, pen and small wallet in it every day and when I took it on the plane I added my liquids quart bag and a make up case. I could not belive how much I coudl stuff in this bag.

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I carry a Metro 200 daily for my commute. I haven't tried a shoulder pad yet or felt the need for it (of course I'm only walking around 10 minutes or so on each end of the train ride).

I carry an Eee PC 701 netbook, which fits easily (though the Acer Aspire 1 is about an inch wider--I think it will fit, though tightly), and a Cybook Gen 3 e-book reader, a small wallet, a cosmetic bag, and the usual handbag stuff. In the front section I carry a Treo 680 (with extra battery, a Bluetooth earpiece, headphones, and a little SD card carrier). Incidentally, only a fairly small water bottle will fit in the side pockets. I can get up to a 20 oz. bottle but a lot of it sticks out. Small umbrellas fit nicely.

I actually use the Metro 100 for traveling and sightseeing, though; I prefer the smaller bag and the ability to convert to a waist pack. It holds my (tiny) Canon Digital Elph camera, Treo, a pouch with the day's mad money, and some small basic cosmetics. I have a carabiner clip with a rubber thing that wraps around the top of a water bottle, so I can clip it to a belt loop or the side of the bag. If I take off a sweater or jacket, I tie it around my neck or waist.

The best thing about the Metros is that they have NICE LONG SHOULDER STRAPS! We tall ladies appreciate not having a cross-body bag snugged up under our bust like an empire waist!

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First off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. I can not rave about it enough. It was prefect. It fit my camera, Rick Steves book, a notebook and extras. I also felt my belongings were secure.

I used mine on a 10 trip to Europe. I wish I had a shoulder pad on about day 5. I was on my own so there was no one else to share the carry duty.

The side pocket fits a standard small water bottle perfectly. I bought a new bottle of water and then refilled it with tap water. You will drink more water than you think with all of the walking. It will also help you save money.