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Packing for Weather

I m packing and is time to get serious about the weather

I will be cruising to Bruges, Basque Ciountry, Normandy and Porto / Lisbon mid October to late October.

Realistically what can I expect as far as temperatures and rain. I realize that it is far out but just to get an idea about what to pack and maybe what to expect in the era of climate change

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I was in Lisbon last year in early October, then Porto in the third week of October. It was mostly sunshine and warm, but not too hot, weather. And one afternoon in Porto it poured drenching rain for several hours, with a lovely sunny day before and after.

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That sounds pretty good CW social.

It sound like I am going to have pleasant weather during trip. I do not expect it to be perfect.

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I would plan for rain in Bruges and your port of call in the Normandy area. I would have a waterproof (not water resistant) rain jacket with hood, possibly lightweight glove liners and maybe a warm hat like a beanie.

What kind of shoes are you planning to wear on your day trips and will you have a back up pair of shoes?

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Hi Pam

I wear Chacos which are water proof so I believe. I have been wearing Chaco sandals for years.

I have so many foot problems that I can not wear many shoes. I can wear sandals and loafers. I bought a pair of Amazon Essentials boat shoes two years ago but they were so tight that I gave up on them. I have taken them out of the closet and found that the material seems to be relaxing and I am trying to break them in. I wish I had begun to break them in last month. I do not know if I will be able to take them.

I like some of the Sketchers that I have been seeing advertised on TV and I wanted to get to the mall and look at Sketchers but it has been over 105 every day. Today the high was 96 and we are so happy with a high of 96.

I also have a brand of Gold Pigeon sandals that I bought on Amazon a few years back. I think they are European and very pretty,. I almost have never worn them. They are just like new and they are comfortable. I may bring them

But I stick with Chacos.

I also have a pair of plastic rain boots that go over shoes but they are just so so. I was going to buy rain covers from Amazon but time just got away from me.

I have a London Fog trench coat and I have a travel umbrella.

I have plenty of warm hats, gloves and scarfs. I never thought of bringing any of these items but I will.

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You should wear whatever shoes are broken in and comfortable. If you have rainy, chilly weather in Bruges and France your feet may be cold in the Chacos. It will likely be fine in the Basque Country and your Portugal stops with sandals. But if they are the most comfortable shoes you’ve got you may need to go with them.

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Hey there, that cruise of yours is getting closer! The word that caught my eye was 'cruising', so no matter how warm it might be on land, you're going to be on the water between destinations, and it will be chillier. As Pam says, rain PROOF jacket. Some people say ponchos (which will just blow around in the wind on a ship) or plastic, but I would spend the $100 for a Gore-tex jacket that will last you a decade or more of cruising. I would add a light weight puffer jacket, Uniqlo has good ones, and size up on the waterproof rain coat so it fits well. Bon Voyage!

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I sometimes wear socks with my chacos which are considered NOT classy but I like comfort over style. However if there is a cold rain, wet socks are very unpleasant but that is when my plastic rain boots comes in.

Yes, I will go with the chacos but the Gold Pigeon are equally comfortable. And iI have some others. I have got to look through my closet.

I have a lot of shoes but gravitate towards the chacos. Maybe for the next cruise, I will get it together and have a pair of loafers or boat shoes along with the chacos.

I think that it is too late to buy anything more.

Today I go for a flu shot and the latest COVID. I do not think I will be doing anything tomorrow or Saturday.

I also travel light. I have a London Fog trench coat which I will have to wear to the airport and on the plane. I can not fit it in my luggage..

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You can google the averages. There is even one site that gives you possibilities by percentage occurrence.

Layers is my answer

lightweight long johns (really thin ones)
normal pants and midweight long-sleeved shirts, maybe one lightweight long-sleeved shirt
fairly light sweater
Down jacket (cause they scrunch up into a small package but are silly warm)

That makes me good for 25F (not happening on your trip) to 70F (very possible on your trip).

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Echoing the idea of layering. Really, it doesn't take much to be able to be comfortable in just about any weather.
Shoes. I wear a good pair of waterproof hiking shoes. It sounds as if you have some special foot issues. If you are going to wear socks with sandals, make sure you have good wool socks because wool will still be warm, even if wet.
Long sleeve top that will serve as a base layer.
Warm layer (I usually do a down vest- takes up almost no space and will capture that body heat) Fleece Jacket or Sweatshirt will also work.
Waterproof jacket with hood. (doesn't need to be goretex, but does need to be waterproof. Look at Columbia for affordable options if you don't already have this)
Knit hat and gloves.

Tip for rainstorms. I will put a hat with a brim under the hood of my rain jacket to provide some structure and increase visibility.

You simply add or subtract layers in response to weather.