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Packing Cubes

I am headed off to Europe for a 3 week trip soon and am wondering what other travelers think about packing cubes. Are they really helpful or do they just take up room and add weight? We are using Rick's convertible carryon and both space and weight are important.

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packing cubes are light weight.
I love them for a few reasons
a) they keep your stuff very organized especially if you are in a place that has limited drawers ect....
b) it keeps your suitcase very organized as well and I find makes it easier to pack.
c) I fold my clothes and the roll them and that stops wrinkles and allows you to put alot in the cubes.
They are fabululous for backpacks also in duffle bags but I even use them in wheeled cases.

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Think of packing cubes as mini compression sacks! Ricks are especially lightweight, but I use medium eBags ones because they fit my bag better. If you take 3 ebag cubes (or Ricks large and 2 small) and a small toiletry bag, and an extra pair of shoes, you will still have room for flat souvenirs!
Happy lightwieght travels.

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I really like the bags that suck the air out and decompress the clothes. they make your clothes really small so you are able to fit everything i your pack. I think mine are eagle creek. Don't get the cheap ones, spend the 20 on the nicer ones, they are more durable and last longer. I also like the cubes too though. I've heard if they break you can get screwed but i've never had any problems before with them. They also work well for soiled or wet clothes...and for laundry too!

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The other posters have listed all the reasons I love to use the mesh cubes- but besides keeping organized and unwrinkled, the biggest plus for me is the planning. Whether Ricks' bag or another of the same carry-on dimensions, you can pretty much fit only the set of three cubes in, along with a small toiletries case and an extra pair of shoes. That forces me to stick to the "rule" that if it doesn't fit in the cube, it can't come! Way less agonizing and guess work about whether to take that extra shirt or whatever...I scatter some things loose in the free gaps- a couple disposable cameras, a couple rolls of that travel toilet paper...things that will be going in my day bag when I've used up what I take on the plane.

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I used mesh cubes on my last trip plus the vacuum bags that shrink your clothes to about half the space! Both methods worked greta and I felt well organized.

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yep those compression bags are great too....
took leather pants for night club wear...used the compression sacs and amazing they fit, less bulk.

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Rick's cubes teaches you how to pack MUCH lighter and organized. When I use my pack cubes, I realize at the end of my trip that I used everything I packed. No wasted space and definitely NO Overpacking!

If you want to pack even more orgnzied use the airtight bags inside the cubes. If you want to save money get those 3 gallon zip lock bags. They cost much less and you can also use them for other things.

I toss about 3 extra zip lock bags in my case for other things like soiled clothes or to keep my souvenirs together.