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We are going to be in Greece for 10 days in March and April. We know very little about Greece so we were thinking about a package which included the main attractions and islands. Any recommendations ?

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Greece feels a bit more "foreign" than western Europe. There are a lot of eastern influences that you don't see so much in the west.

In France or Italy or Spain I can pretty much figure out what most signs are saying. But the Greek alphabet makes it pretty much impossible for most of us westerners to read their signs, so traveling there is a little harder.

While we went on our own and did fine, a package tour would certainly be much easier for you. If you don't mind a little more stress and work, you can do it on your own, but the package would make for an easier vacation.

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The "Tours" tab at the top of this page has some fantastic tours--Rick Steves' Tours. I bet there's a tour you'd thoroughly enjoy!

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I'm also looking at tours for Greece next year. One of the options I'm considering is the ETBD Athens & The Heart of Greece tour, followed by some time on a few of the Islands on my own. Unfortunately, the first tour doesn't depart until April 26, so that might not work for you?

One point to consider is that the facilities on many of the islands close down in the winter, and I'm not sure how many of these will be operating in March?

Good luck!

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James : Vacation "Packages" are not a good value. If you plan the trip yourself, you can choose which islands to go to. The cruise ships on the Agean Sea are probably not operational in April. I recommend flying from the Athens airport to an island. The islands Naxos and Santorini have airports, and those are good islands. Search for Olympic airlines flights to an island. I recommend being at Athens 2 days, maximum.