Pack-n-Play and other sundries

My wife and I are considering a trip within the next year. During that time our daughter will be between 18 and 24 months old. I'm just curious what other travelers have done in regards to pack-n-plays (or cribs), car seats, and strollers. This seems like a lot to check, but checking seems like it would be cheaper than buying new for a week or two of use. Anyone have experiences that you are willing to share?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Gary rather then packing a pack n' play we would book hotels that would have a crib to put in the room, it takes a bit of work to find hotels that offer cribs, but many do, if you ask and book WELL in advance.
We would bring a car seat because we always bought our tots airline seats, by the time your child is two you could cheat a bit ( does depend on weight of child and age) and for international travel we bought a booster type seat , easier to carry around. We only travelled to States until kids were older, it was mostly Hawaii, Caribbean cruises, and California until they were 11. We always brought a lightweight stroller. I had three kids under 6 at one point, sorry stroller is a necessity. ! lol

Posted by JER
Seattle, USA
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If you are going to be driving at all, you need a car seat. They aren't always available from car rental places even if you book them in advance. I'm with Pat; make the presence of a crib your deciding factor in picking hotels. Be sure that the crib is deep enough not to climb out of, though. I would confirm with the hotel that they have a crib appropriate for a toddler, not an infant crib. Strollers are another matter. We always traveled with a cheap, umbrella style stroller in case somebody got tired or cranky or just needed to be corraled a bit, say at an airport. We didn't bother with a big full-sized one. YMMV there though. One thing about little people is that they certainly have a whole lot of stuff! You will really appreciate packing light again in a few years when you can do it...