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Pack-mate versus ziploc bag?

During my last trip I used 1- and 2-gallon Ziploc bags to compartmentalize everything (clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc). They work very well, but over time some air can leak back into the ones you press all of the air out of (by sitting on them while zipping). Do the Pack-Mates on this site or other compression bags suffer from the same problems? Is it worth the money to get them?

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I like the Pack-mate bag, Medium size. I put shirts in it, and roll it.

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I've use compression bags. They worked okay but by the end of trip the zip lock wouldn't seal so they weren't much good. It may have been they were overfilled a time or two, they seem to be okay when they are only about half full (a lot less than full line on the bag). I think zip locks probably work about as well and don't cost as much. I still have some new compression bags with my luggage, when those are gone I probably won't replace them.

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I like to save those plastic zipper top bags that good quality linen bedding come in. They come in various sizes. Similar to a zip loc bag, they won't actually compress anything. But they are great for organizing. And they come free with the bedding!

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I love Ziploc bags. You can't beat the price, and they can be used to compress clothing. I am more likely to use them just for organization, though.

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I like the compression bags and use them for trips quite often. I've tried using Ziplocs, but eventually (for me at least) they all refilled with air.

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I have travelled round the world MANY times since 1998 (when we moved to Toronto and then Denver. I have a neck problem which means I NEED to have a contoured pillow to sleep on. I found one which is small enough to fit in a carryon, and have used the SAME compression bag (I agree it was relatively expensive at the time) since then :)

NO Zip lock bag is big enough for this pillow -- but Ziplocks always let the air in and IMO only useful to separate things rather than make more room in a carryon