Osprey Porter 46 on Easyjet?

Hey all, Was wondering if anyone has backpacked/traveled in Europe with the Osprey Porter 46, and specifically if you have flown on Easyjet with it as a carry-on without any problems. I have one and noticed Easyjet has pretty strict LxWxD requirements. The Porter is several inches longer than the Easyjet max requirement. I'm trying to avoid having to check-in a second bag if I can and am wondering if this is one that I'd have no problem with carrying on. I'm almost positive I won't have any problems carrying the Porter on the international flight (US Airways), and even if I have to check it in, it's not as big of a deal since they don't charge. So I'm not too worried there. I know I'm being cheap, and if I have to ultimately check it in, I will. But I truly believe in "every little cent adds up" Anyone have experience with it?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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No experience with that bag. But EasyJet and most of the discount airline are very strict because a lot of revenue comes from bags fee, etc., that are necessary to offset their discounted fares. Maybe you could sneak by with an inch but several inches would be too much.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jeremy, I doubt that anyone here can answer that question with any degree of certainty, as a lot will depend on the "mood" of the EasyJet agents when you check in. In my experience, EasyJet usually (if not always) checks bag size in a sizing frame, and any bags that are found to be over the limit are gate-checked (at a high cost). Whether the Osprey Porter 46 will be allowed may depend on the staff at gate, and also how fully packed the bag is. If it looks like it's "bulging at the seams" that may raise a few flags with the staff. You can certainly try, but you'll have to be prepared to check the Pack if required (make sure there are no valuables inside). Happy travels!

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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Keep in mind that, on most discount airlines (and I seem to remember that this includes EasyJet), it's much more expensive to decide to check at the airport, rather than prepaying to check that bag. Read their fine print carefully, and be prepared to pay, based on what the fine print says.

Posted by Charles
Austin, Texas, USA
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I have flown Easy Jet and agree with other comments about their strictness. I am not sure what your day pack plans are, but if it were me, I would have my day pack or some other bag with plenty of room and if the gate agent gets picky, maybe you could transfer some of the stuff out of your back pack and into your carry on day pack. It might work, but it is just a guess.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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I assume you won't have both a Daypack and main Pack? Keep in mind that EasyJet usually allows ONE CARRY-ON item ONLY, of the approved size. Cheers!

Posted by Dina
Fontainebleau, France
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My experience is that EasyJet is very strict. If it doesn't fit in that size check thing, you have to check it. And the price to check it goes up the closer you get to take off: Relatively cheap if you purchase 20kg of luggage when you buy your ticket. More expensive if you show up and check it when you check in. ANd outrageous if you have to gate check because they discover as you are boarding that you have an oversized piece - or two pieces. We had an EasyJet flight delayed because a woman had a purse and a carry on and was refusing to pay to check the carryon.

Posted by Eileen
New York
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Keep a small daypack inside your travel pack and fill it with valuables, documents, medications, and anything else you might need on the plane should they gate check your bag. Bring some zip ties to lock your pack.

Posted by Kelly
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I have this bag, too. But I have never flown on easy jet. I have flown on vueling airlines in Spain, and had no problem, but I don't think vueling is known to be easy jet low cost either. What if you didn't cram much in it long-wise, and then used a luggage strap around perimeter to attempt to cinch it down more?

Posted by Love to Travel
San Diego, CA
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That is the bag that I use for all my travels. I also use Easyjet for all my travels (and ryanair), too. I have never had a problem with them letting me take it on as a carry-on. I bought the bag because I hate checking my luggage. I strap it up as tight as it goes. Also, wear your bulkiest shoes, pants, and clothes on travel day. As soon as you get on the plane you can take off your multiple layers of clothes. Haha. But it really depends what airport/attendant you have. I've had times where they let me take a backpack and a carry-on and didn't care. Other times I had to stuff everything into my backpack while holding up the plane!