OneSimCard's, anyone hear of them?

I just got a groupon for an international SIM Card for Smartphones. Does anyone know of the "OneSimCard", its supposedly good in 150 countries and has free incoming calls.

Posted by Paul
Tuscaloosa, AL
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No experience with them, but there are comments on this site. Put onesim in the search box at the top of the page and you'll get lots of links. They may be a call-back service.

Posted by Alex
Longmont, CO, USA
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I used them last August in Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Great service with no problems. Good customer service too. They give you a phone # from Estonia, I believe. I used both phone and data and all went very well.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Of course, you can only use it in an unlocked phone.

Posted by Kerry
Tinton Falls, NJ
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After I posted this I did a search on the website. I do have an unlocked phone from prior trips. Actually, it seems that Rick Steves recommends just purchasing a French Sim card when you get to France. He says that's the cheaper than buying a Sim card in the US, where they are quite marked up. I guess that is what I will do.