One week in Europe - Spain, Greece or Germany?

Hi, We're planning on going to Europe for one week in October, but we need help deciding on a destination. We've been to Italy and France so now we're trying to decide amongst: Spain, Greece or Germany. Any suggestions would be helpful because my husband and I are really stuck...

Posted by Marie
San Diego, CA, United States
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All three are great and October is a great time to travel to each one. Germany might be quite ah, brisk, or not. If you're planning on a driving vacation I personally wouldn't pick Greece but it is doable. Spain would be great that time of year and Germany has loads to offer. This being of no help to you at all I suggest buying Ricks books on each place (Europe Through the Back Door might work as well for you). If nothing else play pin the tail on the donkey version of trip selection. My husband and I wanted to go to two different places and couldn't decide. Two pieces of paper on the wall, one blindfold, several spins and a shove in the general direction - ta da! England it was:) P.S. I did the shoving...

Posted by Nicole
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I'd go to Spain, but I'm headed there next week, so I might be biased. You could do 2 cities in that time. We are going to Barcelona and Madrid (with a day trip to Toledo) in 9 days.

Posted by Liz
Malaga, Malaga, Spain
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I am probably biased as I live in Spain and think it a fantastic country. It could depend on what country interests you the most in terms of history, what sights you want to see etc. Are you city people or not? All 3 countries are very large and diverse by European standards and in a week you may need to choose only 2 areas, depending of course on your style of travelling. Where is it easier, faster and cheaper to fly to from where you live? With a week, this would influence me a lot. The weather will be milder in Greece and most of Spain than in Italy but should be OK in all 3. Language - how comfortable are you in foreign countries? Not that many Spanish speak much English, including in the cities/tourist areas but most Germans do. Greece I don´t know. I haven´t been too many places in Germany but Berlin is an amazing city with lots to see and do - and with an interesting history. I live in Andalucia, relatively close to Granada and Cordoba, great cities, as is Seville. Madrid and Barcelona are both wonderful, but very different. Best of luck deciding.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Spain, because its lovely( the small amount I have seen) and because its closer( you are already flying further then I would for only one week!!) and because the weather will be fine for sightseeing. Not Greece because ( my opinion only) Athens is not my favorite large city, and while the islands are amazing, many start to "close down" after first week or so of October, and its just passing out of beach weather time( depends how early in October you go) . Germany would be ok,, but weather may be off.. and well , there again its just personal tastes, I have found Germany is only "ok" in my book, but then I haven't seen all of it, so others may have some good idea.

Posted by Rina
Orange, CA, USA
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Wow seems like everyone is voting for Spain! Considering flight time is a great idea! I didn't think about that, and thank you for letting me know that Oct in Greece isn't ideal!

Posted by Charlene
Centennial, CO, US
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Ok, here's a vote for Greece, if you are going in early October. Weather will likely be gorgeous and you won't see hordes of tourists. Fly into Athens, then directly to Santorini. Wake up to an amazing view. After 4 nights, fly back to Athens. And prepare yourselves to make many more trips to this amazing country. Almost everyone speaks English here, by the way. Wonderful people.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Spain! The recession there has also lowered prices. When I was there last year everything was on sale - food, clothing, lodging. I will be back there in August (yes, it will be hot, but I had no choice of date since I will also be attending a friend's wedding reception), so I will see how it compares this year.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Early or late October will make a big difference, early-any would be good, Greece maybe towards the bottom of the list only because things are well on their way to winding down for the season, for a first trip I would plan Greece for September and a couple weeks rather than just one. Germany would be good weather plus there would still be some fall festivals and wine festivals going on possibly. For any time during the month, Spain would be very nice, you could focus on the Barcelona area for a very nice week.