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one way tickets

When my husband and I go to Europe we typically need a return one way ticket. We have been getting round trip tickets because it is less expensive. We are flying to London 10/15/07 and do not know when or where we will be returning from. Any good ideas?

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I suppose being flexible and working the last-minute ticket sights like priceline or others may be your best bet, but a risk that you will be stuck with a high priced ticket if you get to the point you have to come back. Occasionally, one way tickets can be a flag and prompt questions as to visa's, supporting yourself, purpose of travel, etc; so I would have a little more proof of itinerary, a bank statement/financial proof of support, or resident contact information.

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Best bet: if you know where you would like to end up in the end (Eastern, Western, Southern Europe, etc.) fly out of a large airport like Rome, Paris, etc. and if you do end up there in the end, good for you. If not, you can take a budget flight (Ryanair and Easyjet) to the big city and then fly home. OR get a RT from London and get a budget flight back or make a circle in your travel plans.

Good luck!

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My boyfriend and I found cheap one way flights out of Dusseldorf. So we are flying in to Frankfurt on airtransat and out of Dusseldorf on LTU. Flights within europe are cheap enough that we are then flying to our real destination. It was actually cheaper to do it that way then one round trip flight!
Check Amsterdam, and even Glasgow has cheap flights.