"One Note" for trip planning. A suggestion for planning junkies!

I've just upgraded to MS Office 2007 and am loving "One Note" for trip planning. Super easy to import pictures, maps, web links etc. Just like a notebook, you can set it up with separate pages for each destination. I've just started planning a trip for summer 2011 so we'll see how my virtual notebook evolves as the trip takes shape. Check it out, and if you are already using it and have some tips I'd love to hear them!

Posted by Brooke
Bay Area, California, USA
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Is that the free program they are offering now? I will certainly check it out!

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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You have to get MS Office 2007 to get it?

Posted by Suz
Denver, USA
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Lee, I was able to buy One Note separately. From somewhere online, I don't remember where at this moment. I wanted to have it on my netbook and it didn't come with the Office suite I'd bought.

Posted by Julie
SF Bay Area, CA, USA
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Kathleen - Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try it as it sounds like a great tool. Was thinking of upgrading to MS Office 2007 because I can get it really cheap based on my company's contract with Microsoft. Now, I'll have to get it just to try 'One Note'.

Posted by Kathleen
Victoria, BC, Canada
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There are some cool video overviews of the program on You Tube. They tend to be business oriented but use your imagination for travel planning application.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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It does look like a really great tool if you already have access to the program. To buy the standalone version, though, it's $100! I don't think I can justify the expense in my case.

Posted by Jesse
St. Louis, MO, USA
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I saw this last night and I have OneNote but hadn't ever used it. It's awesome.

I made sections (tabs) for hotel reservations, flight information, itinerary, to do list, maps, etc. and I have been able to forward reservation emails from outlook to OneNote. Within some sections I have pages for each destination (like the hotel reservation tabs). I think I'll also make a tab for screen shots of train timetables.

Also, for maps, I just have to press the windows key + s and I'm able to take a screen shot and it saves it.. when I leave for my trip I'll just save it to my netbook or print it out.

Thanks for the tip!

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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"import pictures, maps, web links etc."

I already do all of that (everything I need), have for years, with an Excel workbook, with separate worksheet for each day of travel and for each venue I will visit, plus an itinerary worksheet with links to each day and each venue.

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Yes!!!! I had used One Note in law school and when i planned a long trip in summer 2007, I used One Note to keep track of everything, I created a section for each city, then a page for each day. It worked great! When I saw a tip on here or TripAdvisor I would just paste it in to the relevant place. Then the night before, I would write down addresses in a little notebook to carry with me. But it was awesome to have everything in a really organized place. I knew some of the cities I was going to would be a once in a lifetime thing so this way, I could plan each day easily, put in the things I wanted to do each day with all the important info or tips I had gathered. I didn't really use it for maps or anything but I don't see why that wouldn't work well, too. It's also great for organizing restaurants. For example say you are going to Rome and going to do Trastevere one day, you can put the restaurants you see recommended on that page, so it's all right there.

I used it again for a shorter trip to Italy last year and have started using it for another trip I am just starting to plan in 2011.