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One More Thing...

First thank you to everyone who has shared their advice with me. I am so happy to have found this site and appreciate all the information gleaned here.

My trip to UK and Switzerland begins this Wednesday. Already I have lost my euros Think I threw them out in the trash when I was clearing the stacks of useless paperwork off my desk... I am sooooo dumb. Fortunately it was only (?) 50 euros and I can get by without them or buy some in UK.

My big panic right now is the weight of my backpack. I bought the great new one from Rick, and I have pared down what I am taking to the minimum for my two months in UK/Switzerland. The weight is under the limit of 20 kg for travel between Canada and UK, but it is over the 10 kg limit for travel between Newcastle and Paris. I just don't know what else to do without! I need my computer as this is a working holiday. Short of leaving the few items of clothes and having to buy stuff in both countries, I just don't know what else to do. I have even decided not to take things like small bottles of shampoo/conditioner, cleaners, etc. I will buy that stuff in country.

Can anyone tell me how strict they are in weights in Europe. If I have to pay for the extra weight I will happily do so, but I dread being made to have to sort through my stuff and leave things behind.


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Can you possibly stuff some heavy things into your pockets or purse to lighten the load of your backpack? Our family had to surrender our carry-ons on our last leg (Amsterdam to Rome) because the Euro requirements were so much stricter. My daughter didn't see her bag again for 8 days. Do whatever you can to lighten you load and not let them take your backpack!!!