one more stupid liquids question - makeup

You girls won't think this is as dumb as it sounds... I assume the lipstick, mascara, lip gloss has to go in the baggie? What about solid deodorant? gel?

Posted by Sarah
Altoona, PA
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Just double checked the TSA website... Deoderant that is gel or aerosol needs to go in the baggie. Solid deoderant does not fall into either of these categories and therefore does not need to go in the baggie. You can check out the website at if you're not sure about other products you'll be taking.

Posted by Kate
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Lipstick doesn't need to go in the baggy. I don't think mascara or lip gloss does either but check or the FAA website.


Posted by shirley
plano, USA
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At DFW during Christmas, one of the TSA agents said to the whole area "if its ooey or gooey - it needs to go in a bag". I know those aren't technical terms - but I thought that was helpful. So, lip gloss would go in a bag. I have put my mascara in there just in case. I didn't include chapstick in the bag - I "think" the TSA agent said that it was ok - I read or heard it somewhere.

Unfortunately, airports are different and will uphold different standards.

Posted by Erik
Chandler, AZ, USA
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Lipstick: No bag. Lip gloss: Bag. Chapstick: No Bag. Mascara: Bag. Solid deoderant: No bag.

These items are so small, if you already have a bag, just stick those items in there. When in doubt, stick it in a bag. And take the least amount of stuff, make-up or otherwise. Whether in Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Ireland or anywhere in between, there are plenty of drug stores and grocery stores where you can find all this stuff. Stores are fun to explore to see what's the same and different about them. Where else do you think fashionable Europeans get their kit?

Posted by Helen
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Not dumb and it will be great when all the airports agree on the regulations. I've just done 2 trips to Asia and Europe and there was no conformity in regualtions. Mascara I didn't put in the bag and was OK for European ports but not Hong Kong - go figure. Anyway in future I will put it in the bag with lip gloss. It's just easier than having to go through everything at the security check.

Posted by Kimberly
Durham, NC
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Leah - This is definitely not a dumb question. It's unfortunate that airport officials cannot agree on what does/not go into a baggie. My sister flies regularly for work and has been told more than once that chapstick goes in the baggie. She's also been told more than once that chapstick does not go in the baggie. Oy!!

I flew for the first time since this restriction just a couple of weeks ago (domestic flight). I purposely bought solid deodorant and put it in my regular toiletry kit with no problem. I did, however, put my mascara, lipgloss, and lip balm in the baggie. If nothing else, the uncertainly sure made me really consider what I truly "needed."

Posted by Cali
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What about baby wipes and/or Pond's face wipes. Do these need to be in a baggie?

Posted by Helen
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Cali, don't think so. I soak a couple of cotton wool squares with eye makeup remover and put them in my makeup purse if I travel overnight. No problems with this on the last 2 trips. Doubt if it shows up as "liquid" on the security screening.