Offline maps for travelling - MapsWithMe App - Lite to Pro version

Hi guys! I'm a student and I have vacations in few weeks) So I wanna have a trip around Europe. For 4-5 weeks I'm going to visit Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary and ?zech Republic. I've never been to any of these countries. I wanna feel confident while travelling with the maps and all the information I need. And roaming charges for the Internet are too high for me. I've heard about offline maps. I even downloaded one app - MapsWithMe. But only Lite version. I choose it because it has all the countries and cities inside. And I've already checked it in my hometown. Actually I like it, but I need more functionality. I found out there is MapsWithMe Pro version with bookmarks and offline search. And 4 euro is not so much. But I don't know how does it work with these features. And I don't want to buy tens such apps to find what I need. Would you reccomend me some similar apps that works fine for sure or better tell about MapsWithMe Pro version if you have one. Thank you for your attention and for your answers)

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MWM Pro is my only general purpose off line map app. I pitched the free version after one day. I've no regrets withe the pro version after more than a year of use all over the world. I'm a geographer.