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October weather in Krakow, Warsaw & Berlin

What kind of weather should I expect in the middle of October (9-20) in these 3 cities?
Light jacket cold, rainy, windy.
Let me know of your experiences.

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We spent the month of September in Krakow a few years ago. Started out hot and humid for the first week or so, then the first cold front of Autumn blew thru and we had very pretty Indian Summer weather until the end of the month - probably one of the prettiest seasons of the year to be there.

When I asked, our host said that things turn cooler in a hurry once the calendar turns over into October ... with daily highs in the mid 50's and overnight lows in the low 40's... and typically low overcast with drizzle much of the day, making it feel cold and raw outside. Made it sound a lot like the Pacific Northwest which is where we were living at the time. Said that it wasn't the worst month to visit as long as you're dressed for it (layers, goretex, etc.). So, it's doable. Would suppose that Warsaw and Berlin would be much the same.

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I highly recommend that you look at the actual, day-by-day historical weather statistics for the last five years or so on, and check all three cities. That data will give you an idea of the range of weather you can expect. Even much farther south in the Balkans, it can turn raw in October.

I've linked to Warsaw's stats for October 2018. Do be sure to check multiple years.

For what's it worth, on this year's trip elsehwere in Europe I learned the virtues of mostly-nylon slacks that proved to be relatively rain-resistant, though definitely not entirely waterproof. Merino-wool long johns underneath kept me comfy even on a couple of wet, 40ish (F) days.

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Roberts: thanks.

Acraven: Thanks for the website. That is what I wanted to see. I could only find the one that averages per month.

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Climate tables on Wikipedia give an indication.

Weather forecasts in Germany are only reliable for 3-5 days max., not longer. For Berlin most accurate are DWD, WetterOnline and rbb.

Tip: Bring also something warm for long evening walks in Berlin: special event is Festival of Lights in Berlin.

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MarkK - definitely will check out the Festival of Lights

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I was in Warsaw in the middle of October two years ago, temperatures were pleasant enough but there was certainly a coolness on the way. Bars and restaurants still had plenty of occupancy on their outside tables however they required the use of heaters to make it comfortable.

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Thanks for starting this thread. I am going to be in Brno, Krakow, Berlin, and Cork for the weeks of the 14-25, so the information here was very helpful to me as well for Krakow and Berlin.