October Fest in Germany

Interested in going to OctFest next year ? Don't know where to start , any suggestions on where to go and stay ?!

Posted by Rob
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Where to start? You can start by going to Munich. Where to go? Oktoberfest is basically a fair, so just go to the fairgrounds. Where to stay? That depends on your budget and how soon you reserve a room. Rooms fill fast and way ahead of the actual event. You should post on the "travel partner" section, it is obvious that you could use help from someone that has been there.

Posted by Kate
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Start booking your accommodations early!Look at the official website for Oktoberfest, there is a lot of helpful tips there. I went this year and it was great fun. We avoided the weekend and were able to find room at one of the tables. it was an amazing experience!