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Not the best time to be in some parts of Europe......

It seems that some parts of Europe are experiencing some severe winter conditions at the moment.....

Hopefully there are no forum members affected by this.

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I had seen a couple of reports including one where workers clearing I think a rail line stopped to free a goat trapped on the tracks by the snow.

Those pictures of the avalanche into the restaurant are astonishing.

Yes, I hope any of the folks who post here are being able to manage around the weather.

Thanks for posting that link!

Meanwhile, here in N. Idaho things are not bad for winter and thankfully the sun is shining today. How about the Okanagan?

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I also saw that incredible example of piloting a helicopter. That Pilot was outstanding and obviously very well trained and experienced!

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I sent you a PM before I read your post. I hope your winter conditions are not severe this year.

Climate change? Maybe it's for real after all?

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The problem here in Southern Bavaria is that not only there is much snow, but that the snow is also very wet. That's why hundreds of trees are breaking and blocking roads and rails. There is currently no rail traffic on secondary lines south of Munich (for example into the Bavarian Oberland to Schliersee / Tegernsee / Lenggries, Garmisch - Mittenwald or from Kempten to Reutte). Some snowcovered places are supplied by the army. The critical point of development will come tomorrow, when it will get warmer and rain will fall. That could make the snow so heavy that some roofs might not stand up to it. At the moment hundreds of helpers are busy shoveling snow off the roofs (cf., e.g., here). The situation is similar in the Austrian Alps.

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Oh my word. Roof shoveling is the worse and I can't believe the depth of that snow. Yes, rain on top will just soak in and create weight.