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Noise-cancelling headphones

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good (and relatively inexpensive - around $150) set of noise-cancelling headphones for use with my Ipod? It's for my transatlantic flight and to help me sleep when I'm in a noisy hostel!

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Adrian, try for a good selection of noise cancelling headphones and earphones. I used a set of Ultimate Ears earphones on my last trip, for exactly the same applications you described. While they're not totally sound proof, they do a great job of reducing external noise! The quality is great and the price is considerably less than $150!

Happy travels!

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Adrian, I purchased Sony's noise cancelling headphones and am very happy with them. They have several models, one covers the entire ear. They really do block out a lot of plane noise, work perfectly with the iPod and for listening to movies.

They don't break the bank like Bose. Just google and you'll find many places to purchase. I actually bought mine gently used from ebay.

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I got my husband the Philips brand from Best Buy for $48. He loves it!

He'll bring it to the NHL hockey games and can listen to his ipod during intermission without any problems!

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I purchased the SHure E3C earbuds after trying a friend of mines and they are the best noise canceling earbuds around! I heard nothing on the airplane except my ipd or my dvd player even with an entire team of teenage basketballs players on board!

They come with 4 different earpieces so you can choose the most comfortable fit and a great little hardcase to carry them in. You can buy the E2C's for about $99 and the E3C's for about $130 I love them!!!

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I'd look at the JVC marshmallow ones (cheap) as well. Trick with them and other foam earbuds is to squish them, roll them, and then pop them in your ears before they expand.

I have some Shure earbuds, which come w/a variety of earbuds (fit kit) so you can find out what size ear you have. Many are in your price range.

Unless you are a real audiophile, I'd avoid the Bose because them you have to keep up with expensive and bulky headphones. They also might make you feel a little silly if you are listening to music/podcast as you walk down the street.


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I have several pair of Shure (EC-2) and EC-210, ranging from 99-150 (available on-line, Brookstone, Best Buy, Radio Shack).

These are in-ear (not like i-pod barely stuck on ear) but really help with noise cancellation because they fit like earplugs.

Several advantages - very light weight, very compact, noise blocking without needing noise cancellation technology (means it works when batteries in the headphone are dead), great sound quality, easier to fall asleep in, can wear during take-off and landing (as long as not plugged into an i-pod or dvd player).

I've converted from nice Bose, which I like, but since I fly 50-60 trips per year I really prefer the portability of earplug style.