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Nice, Turin, Sils--clothes?

From June 22-July 6, we're traveling to a warm place (Nice), then a temperate place (Turin), then a cool place (Sils-Maria) over two weeks. We only take carry-ons. What should we take? (I'm thinking four bottoms--2 capris/skirts/long shorts, 2 pants, and five tops--4 short sleeves, 1 long sleeve, and one sweater. Sandals?

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Vicky, your list sounds good to me. I'm heading to London/ Paris the same time you are!!

On one of my trips we were in Milan (warm) then Munich and London (cool). The cool places I wore layers to keep me warm, such as tshirt/long sleeve shirt then jacket.

Keep an eye out for the weather report to see how "cool" the cooler place will be. Chances are layering will be fine. Sandals are great if your feet don't get cold easily. You may want to bring 1 sandal and 1 closed toe shoes.

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And check the weather forecast, I'm seeing on other threads that it's raining a lot in Italy now.