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My daughter and family are flying Fl. to JFK and need to get to their hotel in NYC. The problem is getting from the airport to the hotel near Central Park as they have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. They are not bring carseats as they will not have a car... so any suggestions on how to get family downtown? Buses? Taxi will probably not work without carseats. I usually drive in or take the train from Greenwich, so don't know the best way to do this... she said I needed to ask my peeps:)

Posted by Frank
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We just came through JFK. With tips and tolls it will be closed to $75 total. You may want to look at a hired car, especially if more than 4 people since you indicated someone else would be joining them and the luggage associated with kids.

Posted by Randy
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Our family of 5 took a minivan taxi from JFK to our hotel in Western Brooklyn, near Manhattan. No tolls involved. It was $50 plus tip. We also did the reverse with a "car service" our friends called for us. Similar price. It's common practice for local families flying in & out as the cost of the trains (and yes, you can do it by train, but it's tedious) per person adds up to almost the cost of the taxi as a group. But Manhattan will add tolls, too. Take note that while the train is tedious and probably sounds like the least appealing option, traffic in NYC can make riding in a taxi tedious, too. With typical congestion, the trains might be faster - but then you'll have to walk a bit in Manhattan to get to the hotel. Of course, you are eventually going to have to walk in Manhattan anyway... I think it's normal for taxis to take small children without car seats. It seems odd now, but of course, it was the norm pre-1980 or so. Busses, trains and planes don't require car seats either, even though the very same laws of physics apply. I think pragmatism rules when it comes to public transport.

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Terry, neither airport buses nor airport trains will have car seats. And once they reach Manhattan they will need to get into a taxi anyway to reach their hotel. I suggest they take a taxi from the airport. There is a flat fee of $52 plus toll and tip from JFK Airport to Manhattan here is info for taxis from LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan Taxis in NYC now accept credit cards. Kids and babies ride taxis everyday without a problem. I think it would be safe for your daughter's family too. Some info from the NYC Taxi Commission website: What are the rules regarding child safety seats and seatbelts in taxicabs?Drivers of yellow medallion taxicabs and for-hire vehicles and their passengers, are exempt from laws regarding car seats and seatbelts. Keep in mind, the TLC encourages everyone in the vehicle to buckle their seatbelts while riding in a cab. There are no Taxi and Limousine Commission rules regarding this, as it is a State exemption. Passengers with children are encouraged to bring their own car seats, which the drivers must allow passengers to install.
*NOTE - Children under the age of seven are permitted to sit on an adult's lap.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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Thank you so much... We did not know taxis were exempt from car seat law. They will probably need a van or large vehicle as they are meeting another person at the airport as well. With kids they will have a lot of stuff so the taxi will be the best option vs. a bus.

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Alas, any option but car service or taxi will involve multiple steps that I wouldn't advise doing with small children and lots of luggage. Better to go door to door.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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Thanks for the advice... cost is not too much of a problem as they are reimbursed for their travel, so I will tell them to hire a car. Actually, as I will be meeting them the next day in the city I will be the one doing all the walking with the kids as they go to conferences:) I knew the bus or train without car seats was not a problem, but wasn't sure about taxis. They need it to be easy.

Posted by stan
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Ask the hotel if they can arrange for limo service. They usually have carriers they work with regularly that may be able to accommodate you.

Posted by Pamela
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It's a flat fare of $52 plus any tolls and a tax of $.50. Check out the government site for more info on taxis in NYC. They just need to go to the taxi line to catch it. There are a lot car services too that will quote you a rate. Dial 7 is one that has a lot of advertising. There are others. Pam