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New passport!

Don't know when I will get to use it, but my new passport arrived today 24 days after I sent the renewal form. I am impressed! I filled it in by hand and was afraid it might not be legible!

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Awesome. Sounds like passports are getting processed more quickly.

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Question -- did you get the new format (plastic pages) or old format (all paper)?

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Thanks for sharing. I’m going to be sending mine in to renew as soon as I’m back in Nov from a trip to Central Europe. It’s great to hear that you had such a quick turnaround. Did you pay for expedited service?

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No, I didn't pay for expedited service and it was sent priority mail.

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Thanks for sharing your results. We have many panicked travelers here when they find their Passports are expiring TOO soon! Safe travels!

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Will I receive a Next Generation Passport book if I apply now?

Yes. We are now issuing all passport books as Next Generation Passports. Since ePassports continue to meet and exceed international passport security standards, both ePassports and the NGP can be used for international travel.

FYI to everyone--- going forward all US passports will be the "Next Generation" type

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Don't know if this helps regarding my relatively current passport experience:

8/4/2023 Mailed passport and documentation using Priority Express mail and expedited processing; requested passport card

8/7/2023 "In process"

9/3/2023 New passport mailed to me by Priority Express mail

9/4/2023 New passport received; passport has plastic pages

9/11/2023 New passport card and old passport returned by standard mail in two separate envelopes

So one month for receipt of new passport. Whew!

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My regular, non-expedited renewal took somewhat longer: received by Passport Center on 6/26, new passport received by me 8/28. So two months. Happy to have it at the ready now.