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Need recommendation for men's pants

Am traveling France to Rome at end of May and beginning of June. Would like recommendations for men's pants.
Have heard that "Convertible" type are a good choice. Cotton or Nylon preferred?

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My favorite traveling pants is from Sam Club, brand is OuterRim -- it has a bunch of zipper or velcro secured pockets. The other is from the Adventure series at REI. Again it has number zipper secure pocket including one that is very cleverly hidden in the pant leg seam. Even I have trouble finding it at times. The REI is 100% nylon and the OuterRim is a 30% cotton blend. I would avoid 100% -- it can be heavy, hot, and very hard to care for.

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I have a pair of Columbia and Northface converitble pants - both with extra zippered pockets! They worked great - and are nylon - but these two are a bit heavier feel than many other ones out there (which i liked) but still "lite" compared to cotton and drys fast! Cotton-blend is ok too but remeber dry time. These two were from REI as well - Go chek them out - you'll be glad you did! They are often under Hiking/travel pants section. Also - they are both water-resistant (Dry release wickign too in some cases). Cost is 40-65$ dep on whcih ones you get.

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I have a pair of convertible pants (zip off at the knees) that I found at Kohl's department store (one of their house brands, I think). I carry the "legs" in my daypack if I think I'm going to need them. They have about 6 pockets, are made of a blend of synthetic materials, wash easily, and dry quickly. They had an original price of $40, but I got them for less than $20. If you know Kohl's, you know they have sales all the time. Got them last year, but saw them on the rack again this year. Avoid cotton unless you plan to wash and dry at a laundromat. I usually use the hotel sink and these dry overnight.