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Need (ASAP) recommendation for family of 5 for Paris for 3 nights!!

Hi, I have been scouring the many sites and sending emails but have yet to find a reasonable accommodation for 5 in Paris... I've been focusing on Rue Cler at the moment as it seems like it will be reliably family-friendly, and quiet at night. (my 3 kids are 6,11,14). I've also been hoping for an apartment, but at this point I am open. We'll be there in 4 weeks!

I really don't want to spend more than $300/night -- and much less would be great! The exchange rate really makes Europe a bad deal these days / years. :-(

Does anyone have any recommendations, we could really use them!!


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Here is an apt that doesn't make you stay for a full week. It is in a nice area. I remember it from my trip to Paris. It is on the other side of the Eiffel tower from Rue Cler.

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did you try They have several apartments in the Rue Cler area, and many more all over Paris. Check the website, and then call them about availability. It is a US company (with a new Jersey phone number), so very easy to deal with.

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Thanks, Vacation In Paris had an opening!! ... albeit not in Rue Cler, though they have the best prices I've seen and far better than the cost and downside to renting two hotel rooms (about $230/night including all fees).

Perhaps next time we'll leave the kids home, or travel in the czech republic
(well, that was cheap back in '97, I don't know about now!).


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Paul, the above is VacationInParis. This is a USA company with HQ in New Jersey. You may contact them toll free [see "Contact" at home page]. I suggest you call them after you have had a chance to browse this site and look at the photos, etc. You could probably have the key to your cool Paris apartment before you leave Mpls. bon voyage! P