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Munich or Paris?...or neither?

Hey everyone! I'll be going overseas to work as an au-pair next year. Im trying to decide where I should spend my year--Munich or Paris? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Definitely Paris. After 2 days in Munich, I was done with the city. But after 4 trips to Paris, I still want to go back!!

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I think Paris has a lot more to do. I agree w/ Jennifer. After my visit, I thought Munich was nice, but no ways in comparison to Paris.

Plus, on your days off you can fly practically anywhere in Europe for dirt cheap.

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How about Berlin, Rome, Barcelona or something more rural but close to a big city?

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IMO, there's more to see in Paris, but there's more fun in Munich.

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Paris is a wonderful city, but I have been to Munich a couple o times and had the most fun there compared to any other city in Europe. Plus if you like outdoor activities, you can always play in the Alps which is at your backdoor!

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Do you speak either language? If not, Paris prevails IMO.

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4555 posts doubt. Hope things are well up on the Yellowhead!

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Thanks for the excellent responses everyone!!!! Hahaha! And things are 'movin right along' on the Yellowhead!!!

Actually, I dont speak either language, but I intend to learn one or the other depending on my final destination...Or, atleast, I want to have a good grasp on the language before I go...Which language is harder to learn?