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Munich in July and ....

Hi gang,

You've always been terrific sources of wisdom and suggestions. I'm going to be back in Munich this summer for the opera festival in late July. For the past few years, I've tagged another city on to that trip -- Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Berlin.

This year, I was thinking of going to Lisbon first, and then to Munich. However, wondering if late July will be uncomfortably hot in Portugal. Should I save that trip for late spring or early fall? Munich itself can be pretty humid (with occasional rain showers) in July.

I have about 6-7 days to play with before arriving in Munich. It's such an open itinerary that it's almost overwhelming in options but weather would be a factor.

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Back in the 1980's on a late July trip to southern Spain and Portugal, my sandals melted, but I found a shoe repair shop to stitch them back together. We drank water by the 2 liter bottle when we realized we were getting dehydrated while backpacking. I think it was hot, but it was a dry heat. Ha ha.

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Look up the average temps online or the recorded temps last year. I would guess it would be warmer than the Munich area.

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I've been to Lisbon in July and it was fine. Of course it was "hot" - but I travel to Spain and Italy in the summer a lot, Lisbon is no hotter than most of those. If you see a possible trip in spring or fall that you could do Lisbon it would probably be less hot then. But the problem with shoulder season is that while the temps are more moderate, the chance of rain is higher. I'm someone who will put up with hot temps for an 'almost' guarantee of sun. North of the alps that's always a gamble. Last July in Munich we had several days of cool (60s) and rain.

Have you considered other places in Germany to combine with Munich? Bamberg, Regensberg, Nuremberg, Rothenburg, etc.

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Thanks, Isabel.

I have been to Nuremberg but not the other cities. I live in Los Angeles so heat doesn’t typically bother me, unless it is humid. I visited a friend in Barcelona for a couple of days last July as a side trip from Munich. Their home didn’t have AC and it was rather uncomfortable.