Montreux- vevey-lavaux gardens -gstaad

Hi we have 1 and half day in gevea ( 2 nights after which we will be going to paris)I wanted to ask if its is possible for a day trip from geneva to cover montreux attractions- vevey- lavaux wine terraces & gstaad from geneva in 1 day? if YES kindly let me know the best possible way to do it? any excusrions or if we could have an idea as to how best i could to it it wouud be great. if not kindly let me know what IS possible out of these places and how- route- tips- suggestions we have to get back to geneva too. What is teh best way to see geveva in half a day- the main attractions ? Kind Regards

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i got 2 replies ...i wud need more clarity to plan my trip..thanks :)

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We had two nights in Geneva. You will receive a free transport card from your hotel. Taking the tram, the bus and the train on Geneva territory will not cost you a penny. You even can cross the lake with the yellow taxi-boats for free. But this will not work for Montreaux. Travel time is about one hour from Geneva to Montreux. There are usually two trains per hour leaving Geneva; no need to book seats in advance, but do buy a ticket before boarding the train. We visited Chillon Castle also, and then went on to Montreaux. I can't help with the rest, but can assure you that the train station personnel where you buy tickets, are more than able to help you.