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Moneybelts and Airport Security

I'm a firm believer in wearing a moneybelt. But if you wear it while going through security, it will set off the alarms and then you'll be forced to "show your hand" in public or go into a private room which gets TSA all riled up.

What do most people do with their moneybelts while going through security? Where do you put it?

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No metal in my moneybelt, made of cloth, plastic zipper, plastic buckle, only paper and plastic inside. It's never been a problem.

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So far I only had to remove it once (i think) and that was in Frankfurt on my way back to US. There they used a wand and hand checked each person. They asked me to put it through the machine quickly. They were polite but very thorough! I think it wasnt because it had metal - just because it was hidden. If you do wear it through - it shouldnt be too hard to whip it out witout undressing much (for guys) - maybe an issue if you are a laddy wearing a Mumu (moomoo?) like gramma used to wear. Then youd have to show your slip and corsette! (and that hidden ace from the bridge game!) :P

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I always wear my money belt when going through security. Never once has it set-off the metal detectors. There is no metal to set if off; the zipper is made of plastic. To be honest I'm not sure if its "kosher" to do this or not. But there are some airports in Europe (Amsterdam/Frankfurt/Heathrow) that body search all transatlantic passengers, the person doing the pat-down has always "felt" the money belt and not said anything about it. So there you go.

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I personally don't wear it while flying. I put it on either in the planes bathroom just before getting off the plane or in my destination airport. It is in my carry on or pocketbook. My husband has one that attaches to his belt and he flips it inside his pants. He has the belt attached to his belt, but did not put his wallet in there until after we got on the plane. Mine does have the metal zipper. I don't know it that would set off the detectors.

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I wear a neck pouch. It is easy to take off and put in the pan with my jacket and shoes.

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I have never worn it for traveling on the plane as you have to have your passport handy for numerous checks enroute( ticketing, boarding, immigration etc) I put it on later.
I do not wear a "mumu" ( how odd) but I do not like digging under my shirt and pulling at my waist band in public . Even when I wear it while travelling I only assess it in a washroom or at the hotel. I do not wear it for everyday sightseeing.

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The moneybelt Rick sells doesn't have any metal, neither do most of the other ones I've seen for sale.

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I wore a neck pouch money belt under my clothes through security in 3 US and 1 European airport 2 weeks ago. Never had to take it off.

I also wore a passport/boarding pass holder around my neck on the outside of my clothes, which I did have to take off and put in the bin going through security.

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I used a neckpouch the entire because it was a lot more comfortable for me. I kept my passport in my hand while going through security, since they check it anyway and didn't keep any metal in the pouch. Never set off an alarm.

Going through security at the museums (Vatican, St. Peters', etc.), I kept my valuables in the neckpouch, but again with no metal. Coins I kept in a front jacket pocket. I took my coat off and put it in the x-ray machine before going through the scanner, wearing the neck pouch. Never set off an alarm then either.

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I load up my money belt (passport, list of places to stay, airline e-ticket info, debit and CC's, etc) at home before I leave for the airport when heading for Europe. I only take it off when I am in my room (sleeping, showering, etc) once in Europe.
I have a RS money belt that has no metal parts and it has never set off the security alarm. I go to Europe every summer. When I need my passport for security, immigration, etc. I get it out somewhere where I am inconspicuos (sp?) like in a restroom.

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I wear mine while going through security. Like others have said, I have not had problems as the belt contains no metal.


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Thanks for all the responses. I have two moneybelts: A Rick Steve one that is about a year old and it has a metal zipper. The second is an Eagle Creek one that slips through my belt and sits between my leg and my pants. I prefer this type but it also has a metal zipper. Does anyone know of any plastic zippered waist wallet/hidden pockets?

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Are you sure the zipper is metal? I also have a 1-year old RS money belt and the zipper is plastic.

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I don't wear a money belt when going thru security. I used to - and got stopped for more thorough inspections half the time. (Not because of the metal, but as someone else mentioned, because it's hidden. They usually had me take it off and put it through the x-ray machine. Not a big deal but it delays things.). Besides, you need access to your passport and maybe other things that you would put in a moneybelt while going through the airport. So I just put my moneybelt in my purse/day bag, and put it on sometime after getting through security.

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I've worn RS moneybelts on many trips, both domestic and international. Only once did security people demand that I put my money belt thru the screener. It was a time when my belt was visible outside my clothes and they saw it. Since then I have made sure to have it hidden away and have never been challenged on it. It's a good idea not to have coins or keys or anything else metal in the moneybelt. Keep those things separate and run them thru the scanner with your other personal items. Do your organizing before security; of course I end up doing some organizing while I am in the line leading up to the security scanners. Shoes off, liquids bag out, keys and coins out, jacket off, etc.

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My Pacsafe money belt has a metal cable thru the waist belt that is supposed to prevent theft by a "slash and grab" thief.

I've had to remove it once or twice for inspection, since the cable has set off the metal detector. It might be better to wear it through the detector and take it off for manual inspection, since tossing it into the X-ray bin could give someone a chance to walk off with it on the other side.

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I sometimes wear my Moneybelt when passing through airport security, and haven't had any problems so far. I believe there's a small amount of metal in the zippers or other fittings, but the clips that secure the strap are nylon. It probably contains less metal than the zippers on my zip-off trousers.

Even if a Moneybelt contains some metal, whether this is detected by a Wand will depend on the sensitivity setting. The Wands at some airports seem to be set at a very "coarse" level.

I normally carry my Passport in a secured shirt pocket, so it's easily available for inspection if required.

Happy travels!

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I have both, RS money belt and RS neck wallet. I plan to use the neck wallet while going through airport security. It will have my ticket, boarding pass, ID. My moneybelt will have my cash. I also have a RS wallet for my daily money and coins. That will be in my purse. I do not anticipate any problems.