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Moleskin City Guides

I was looking through the travel section of a book store this morning and I noticed a couple of Moleskin City Guides. Has anyone given these a try? All of the ones I saw were sealed, so I didn't get a close look.

It looks just like a standard small Moleskin notebook. It says there are city and public transit maps in the front with the rest of the book blank, with some tabbed sections for food, hotels, etc. If the maps are good, this could be a perfect companion standard travel guides. I only saw a couple of cities - London, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

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I was curious about them as well, until I found an open one. I wasn't too impressed, especially when compared to a comparably sized/priced guidebook's info. Check out this Amazon link for more details:

I ended up buying a small Moleskin lined-page journal, though. I'm planning on spending a lot of time in Spain next month, so I wanted to have the whole Hemingway vibe...

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I used the Rome and the Paris guides. The maps are good. The best way to think of the moleskin guides are "do it yourself". The pages are blank so you fill in the information that is important to you instead of dragging around the entire guidebook. Plus, the disreet black cover looks less touristy.