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Mini-tripod recommendations for SLR camera.

I am looking for small light weight tripod, but strong enough to hold the Canon Rebel. I visited few stores today but could not find anything that hold the weight.
Any suggestion?

I love photography and I am taking the SLR, I don't need any suggestion regarding taking a different camera because is not going to happend.

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I am considering something small as well for my canon 30d
I was looking at a gorillapod and considering them. It does not really replace a tripod but is very versatile from what I can see.

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Did you try it with the camara?

I am looking at Canon 100 Monopod, looks like the min operating height is 21 inches and I was hoping for something smaller.

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A couple of products you might have a look at:

  • Gorillapod SLR or SLR Zoom: Designed for the heavier weight of SLR's and will support over 6 lbs. (according to their spec's). They now have a Ball Head available for these as well. They don't offer much height but if you can find something to attach these to (a lamp standard, for example), that will provide the height. I'm still undecided on whether these are stable enough to support my 40D. I might give one a try in future.

  • TrekPod: This is fairly new product that can function as a Monopod, light duty Tripod and a walking pole. It's designed to break down to a fairly small size for travel. These use a very strong magnet to attach the Camera to the Trekpod, along with a locking ring. I'm looking at this product as well, but haven't made a decision yet.

You could also look at some of the smaller Tripods from Gitzo or Manfrotto (depending on what size luggage you'll be using). If you remove the Ballhead during travel, these can often be broken down to a fairly compact size.

Good luck and happy travels!

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Waddys, Bogen/Manfrotto makes a table-top tripod that collapses to almost insignificance. The model number is 709B. It is available at Amazon for $40 on sale. It comes with a small ball head which you can replace with another model if you do not like that one. I have often used this mini-tripod in churches to photograph stained glass windows and church art (where permitted and available-light only). I prop it agains a pillar. I also carry a Gitzo model G1098 travel tripod with a Gitzo G117M ball head on it. Being a lightweight basalt tripod, it is expensive. But it fits in my carry-on pack and is high quality. I do know that Velbon makes a lightweight travel tripod that is highly regarded, but I do not know its model number. Cullmann, the German tripod-maker, has a super-lightweight aluminum tripod, model #52013 ("Jet Set Tripod"). I think you can get it with a ball head or a pan-tilt head, but I'm not sure about this. I have this tripod and have carried it on some travels. It is not good for being fully extended because the final set of extension legs are rather slender. For your DSLR I'd suggest the pan head (a little bulky) or getting a bigger ball head if that is possible. It's only about 14 inches long collapsed without a head on it. The Gorilla tripods are popular but are usually not recommended for DSLRs.

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My husband uses the Gorillapod with our Canon Rebel. It's very handy with its moveable legs that can wrap around things to stabilize it.

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I have the gorillapod. I think it will support your SLR unless you are including a very heavy lens.

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I pack a tiny tripod (not over 6" long) that works well for my little camera. I'm not sure it will work with a heavier SLR. The gorrilla pod that was suggested is small but seems a stronger and will probably work.

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The gorillapod SLR-Zoom (bigger version of the standard one) works pretty well. For added flexibility, you can put a lightweight ballhead on it.

The Gitzo Traveller 1541T is a beautiful carbon fiber tripod that holds up to 17 pounds but weighs just 2, and folds up to just 16" long while extending to about 53". But at $500+ not the ideal solution for everyone.

A large ziploc bag filled with a couple pounds of dried beans purchased at your destination makes a handy bean bag support for your DSLR too.