Midnight Mass, Notre Dame de Paris

I hope to attend Holy Mass of the Nativity, Dec. 24 at Notre Dame de Paris. I am Catholic, and would be attending as a worshiper, not a Tourist. 1) What time should I be "in line" to be sure to be inside? 2) Is there a handicapped access entrance. I use a cane, and will be with a Parisian who uses crutches, as well as my sister. 3. What weather conditions should I plan on? 4. Are there persons one can pay to hold a place in line? Merci, Ray S. James
Kansas City, Missouri

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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ray, You may find some information on the Notre Dame website at: www.notredamedeparis.fr/-English- Unfortunately, the site is down for maintenance right now, so I wasn't able to check it. You could also check Fodor's and Trip Advisor forums, as they may have information. Good luck and happy travels!

Posted by Angela
Sammamish, WA
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Here are a few observations based on our attendance at Easter mass at ND 2 years ago: With someone who is handicapped, I would visit the church a day or two ahead of time and inquire about the procedure for handicapped visitors. Typically, you must get in line very early (at least 60 min. ahead of time) to wait to get in. The place is huge, so there are many seats, but it is well worth finding out if there is any accommodation for handicapped worshippers. You could try sending them an email to ask! It will be very cold inside the church. At Easter, we kept our coats on the whole time. Plan for cold, both waiting in line and inside.
The mass will be in French (and some Latin), but a printed program will be provided to help follow along. They were very efficient at getting a zillion people through communion! As mentioned above, the Notre Dame website has excellent info about the Xmas mass times. There are many "flavors" of services, so you might want to check it out before you commit to midnight mass. Here is a link to last year's schedule: http://www.notredamedeparis.fr/spip.php?article1462 It is an incredible experience--highly recommended and truly amazing!

Posted by ray
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Thank You, Angela. The best information I have received yet! God Bless!