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Mid-Late October travel


We're planning on going to Europe for 2 to 2.5 weeks in October. We have the option of either leaving on the 8th or the next week on the 15th. As we'll be using mileage and the 15th seems to be the start of low season (at least wrt air mileage) we were wondering whether there was a significant difference between the two dates as far as weather, accomodation, site hours, etc. We were thinking of doing a rail tour in Switzerland and were wondering if is it worth it at that time-- i.e., will it be too cold to do casual hiking-- or should we wait for when we can get there in the
summer? Similarly for Cinque Terre-- I'm assuming we'll still be able to get accomodations in late October?

Thanks in advance

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Just to let you know. My husband and I are going to Italy 17 October to 6 November. It is still high season. I believe "low" season begins in the hilltowns of Tuscany the beginning of November. Maybe Switzerland low season starts earlier. Good luck getting accommodations at this late date in many of the towns. I'm reading that a lot of B&B's are full.
Happy Travels.

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Hi Gerald,

We have travelled to Switzerland in October. We stayed in St. Moritz, Wengen, Zermatt and Luzern. We didn't have a problem getting a room nor did we find it too cold at all. Actualy, since that trip, we have gone to Bavaria, Austria and the Dolomites 4 times in the last 6 years, in October. We came home Oct. 29 last year. We wouldn't go any other time. The weather has been very similar to that in northern NJ. In our experiences so far, the days are normally in the 60's to low 70's and the nights in the 40's. Last year in the Dolomites (Alta Badia) we had 2 days around 80. Every year can be differsent, of course. I don't know if this helps, but we consider Oct. the perfect time to travel to the Alps.


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It sounds as if one of the questions you're asking is whether there would be a significant difference in the weather between Oct 8 and Oct 15, a one week difference. I don't think the long-term average weather data is going to be able to differentiate between weather for the two dates.

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In the last 5 trips to Europe, I went once in the summer and will never go then again. The crowds, the expense, the heat made it almost unbearable. May and October are the best!