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meds, vitamins and herbs

need info about taking meds and vitamins and herbs.
i want to take a supply that will last 2 months. two are scripts, the others are the normal vitamins and herbs for general well being.
are there any restrictions on quanity. i am familiar with the plastic zip bag from travel's in the good old u.s.a., and the tsa didn't inquire about supplies of each.
will i have a problem checking through customs in the u.s. and in europe if all meds and vitamins and herbs are in see through bags? also is there a limit of 30 day or can i take a 60 day supply of each with me?

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You only have to put liquids and gels in the zip lock bags. You can take along as many pills and tablets as you desire in your check-in or carry-ons, but U.S. Customs requires all medications be in their original containers with labels.

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Take what you want. I personally make sure anything I take is in it's original container with the label in tact so it's clear exactly what it is. Especially prescription medications.

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I'm leaving tomorrow for a two-month European sojourn, and I'm taking 4 baggies worth of vitamins, joint pills, antacids, and anti-allergy tablets. In each bag, I placed an identifying flap torn off of the manufacturer's container.

This is the first time I've packed a label with my vitamins and herbs, though - on my last two Euro trips (16 days each) I just threw them into a plastic bag & had no issues (and that was in a carry-on that was searched by TSA agents).

I don't see why a 30-day supply of vits and herbs would be any more legal than a 60-day one, but stranger things are possible...guess I'll find out tomorrow :-)

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I took a month's worth of vitamins and supplements with me last year to Italy and this year to Ecuador. I just marked the outside of each baggie with a waterproof felt pen as to what was inside. I have never had tsa question me about them and they were in my carryon. I would separate the vitamins out into separate baggies so that they can be labeled individually.

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thank you kathleen, i will follow your instructions.