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MC vs Visa in Europe (does it matter?)

I just realized the ATM, regular, and back-up - Creditcard Im taking to Europe are all Visa. I remember one country (Guatemalla) that only accepted domestic-bank Mastercards, while foreign Visa cards were ok. Has anyone experienced any issue anyplace in Europe like that - or are both still "brands" still always accepted? (I know Euro-mastercard is big - but I never had a problem with Visa yet)! Just checking before I leave!

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VISA!!! The entire world (almost) accepts Visa. You'll have no problem.

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My last trip I took 1 ATM card, and 1 Mastercard and 1 Visa. I used my M/C without any problems, and chose M/C over Visa because they dinged me less in fees than Visa.

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I've never had an issue with either kind of card. My Capital One VISA charges no extra fees for purchases in other currencies.

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Keep in mind that ONLY digits is common. Make sure your pin is only 4 numbers....! Visa or MC will work fine.