Maps, Offline + Country Guides and cell phones

I'm looking into map solutions for our April 8 - May 11 trip to France, and I've heard that the Lonely Planet offline maps are good. Seems the new 10th edition is coming out March 15 for $9.99 in digital form. Do I assume correctly that this would be an updated version of the LP guide and that I could download and save for offline use all the maps I'd need? This is my first post. THANKS people! Marcia

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Marcia, I'm not too familiar with the Lonely Planet maps. I've been using the Best Travel maps (offline, I believe) and they seem to work quite well. Your title mentions "cell phones", but no specific questions on those? Cheers!

Posted by Marcia
Menasha, WI, USA
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Thanks, Ken. I too have downloaded the Best Travel offline maps app, which looks helpful. (However, I'm still interested in knowing how new the latest Lonely Planet digital guide might be, and what people might think of their offline maps.) My mention of iPhone was mainly because I plan to take my iPhone 4 and use it in airport mode only, I predict - unless, by some miracle it wouldn't be prohibitive to rent one in France and get all my stuff temporarily on it. Sounds a bit far-fetched, nest-ce pas? Marcia

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Using your current phone on wifi is your best option. You will find lots of free wifi around, and even if you could find a phone to rent, transferring everything is an unnecessary hassle. I used my non-GSM phone on wifi last year in Spain, and I almost always had a connection available when I wanted it.

Posted by Pam
SF Bay Area, CA, USA
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@Ken & Marcia Both of you mentioned the Best Travel offline maps app, but I can't seem to find it. Is it for the apple or Android? I have an Android phone and an iPad. Thanks, I've been trying to find some offline maps for my summer trip.

Posted by Erika
Richmond, TX
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Marcia, I use CityMaps2Go on my ipad. It is completely offline. you can zoom in, pin points of interest. I have used it for Lisbon, London, Paris, Madrid and even my hometown! Love it!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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@Pam, The website for the Best Maps is (I believe they're only available for iOS). I've found them to be very responsive to requests. If I wanted a particular city that they didn't have on the list, I sent them an E-mail and it was uploaded in about an hour or two. Cheers!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Marcia, I wouldn't bother trying to rent a phone in Europe and have all your App's transferred. That would likely be dreadfully expensive, and perhaps not even possible. Whether your iPhone 4 will even work in Europe (except for Wi-Fi) will depend on which cell network you're with? Cheers!

Posted by Nicholas
Seattle, Washington, United States
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Check out MapswithMe. The free version will let you download maps for anywhere in the world. The paid version will let you search them. Pretty soon, Google Maps for iOS will let you do offline maps.

Posted by Ryan
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Marcia, I prefer to have a good paper map (ex. 1:1,000,000) on hand and a couple digital sources. The digital sources I use for my iPhone 5 are: - Garmin Western Europe - Ulmon - You can also use TripIt for planning your travels (A+ for this app)
- City Maps 2 Go Just remember to keep your phone in airplane mode for GPS and bring a charger. Ryan

Posted by Pauline
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Hi Marcia! Unfortunately, I can't tell you smth for sure about Lonely Planet offline maps. But I know there are lots of offline maps, but not so many for $9.99 For some cities I used offline Google maps. However it's in the past. Now I use MapsWithMe. Discovered it few weeks ago when was going to Luxemburg. Nice app for real! It has all the countries and cities inside, including roads what was the most important thing) It has even offline search. So now I'm the fun #1.
Try it!