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Malta - travel incentive - some money back if you book direct with hotels

Last summer, Sicily had tourism incentives. By comparison, Malta's are conservative, but there are incentives of up to 200Euro if you book at least 3 days directly with a Malta hotel. 200 would be for a 5 star, 150 for 4, 100 for 3. If you book on Gozo, incentives are an additional 10%.

Due to Britian's volume of their tourism, there are further incentives for them.
Added to the article is the mention that Malta appears to be leading the pack for vaccinations and numbers of positive Covid are dropping. Despite EU rules, they have been open for Canadians for a number of months (with a negative PCR test), and expect to drop Covid restrictions for tourism by June 1st.
for those not link leery,

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MariaF, what’s the Gozo formula? An extra 10% charge if you wind up canceling, so your refund is 90%? Or is there a Gozo incentive, depending on the “stars” of your lodging? It seems like many places could be offering incentives to draw people back to their location.

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To clarify, incentive for Gozo is an extra 10% on each level of category. So 220, 165 and 110 respectively.
Yes, I expect more incentives scattered about.

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Thank you for sharing this information.
Sadly, I just learned that my favorite B&B (Daydream Gozo) in Xagħra has permanently closed.