Madrid - New Year's Day

Is anything open in Madrid on December 31st or January 1st? Would love to do SOMETHING but I can't find anything open or any tours running. Suggestions?

Posted by Julie
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We found ourselves (two adults, two tween kids) in similar circumstances about 5 years ago and went to the Zoo in the Casa de Campo. It was open and we had the place almost to ourselves. I would make certain that this is still the case, given Spain's fiscal crisis. It was not difficult to get to via public transportation - even on New Year's Day - although I don't remember if the Zoo's restaurants were open. You might consider bringing some snacks with you since the entrance fee is not cheap and you will want to see it all. Madrid has a spectacular Zoo, but it is rarely mentioned in guidebooks.

Posted by Robin
Marietta, Georgia, USA
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Thanks - I will take any suggestions possible