Luggage - RS Rolling Carry-On & Vueling Airlines

I'll be flying on Vueling this April (Amsterdam to Barcelona) and need a rolling carry-on that absolutely will be OK to take on board. The RS rolling backpack will work but I prefer the features of the new RS rolling carry-on. Unfortunately that bag has a depth of 9" (not expanded) and Vueling states a limit of 7.7" (55x40x20cm max). Does anyone have first hand experience taking this particular bag on Vueling? Any other suggestions? I have considered the Briggs & Riley 19" Transcend and the Eagle Creek 19" Transverse Pro (but would have to remove the front zip back pack for it to fit). I like the pricing of the Rick Steves bags and don't want to over spend for a bag the might not see much future use - I already have US airline friendly bags. Thanks for the help!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Tobe I have flown Vueling a few times, but have not used that bag . What I can tell you if they say 7.7 , they will not fudge and allow 9 inch bag, and to be clear, all the lo cost airlines are strict about measured size and wheels count..
I just pay the 10-15 euros a check a bag. Its a direct flight so you are not as likely to lose bag.

Posted by Tobe
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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Thanks Pat. I will have a checked bag in addition to my carry-on so it looks like I'll need to choose a smaller rolling bag for the cabin. I'm open to any suggestions for light weight rolling bags that will "fly" (in the cabin) with the budget European airlines but will hold as much as possible.