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Lufthansa Travel Vouchers.......?

I haven't requested one yet as our trip to Italy isn't until mid-June. Prefer a total refund but I booked "non-refundable" so I know that's not happening. I'm wondering how these vouchers are going to work as Lufthansa doesn't offer much information and I don't have two days to wait on the phone for a "customer service" agent.

Will Lufthansa allow code-sharing when redeeming? Can I book through Lufthansa but fly on United (their code sharing partner)? This would give me the option of flying to more domestic locations (i.e. Hawaii).

When booking with a Lufthansa voucher will they treat it like I'm using cash, or like I'm redeeming frequent flyer miles; offer only the worst departure times and airports as American Airlines does?

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I had a non-refundable Lufthansa ticket from Seattle to Frankfurt and another one from Frankfurt to Florence. I having been watching the Germany news outlets about Lufthansa and saw that they were finally cancelling most flights from USA so I checked my booking online and it was cancelled even though they had not told me yet. Be patient and wait it out until they cancel you. I called Lufthansa last Sunday afternoon and was able to get right through to Lufthansa. They asked me if I wanted to transfer to another flight and I said no that I wanted a full refund and they said no problem. They are refunding my money back to my credit card but said it may take a few weeks. I was scheduled to fly out on April 30th.

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Thank you!!! That's great info. We were flying L.A. to Rome (via Frankfurt) and Milan-Munich back to L.A. They haven't cancelled our flight yet but it's not until June 14th, so I will wait it out.

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Like Kathleen, I waited until the flights over were cancelled, then called Lufthansa and got a refund. I too had a nonrefundable fare. I had considered a voucher previously, but I really wasn't sure when I wanted to go. Your flight isn't until June 14, so you'll just have to wait a little longer.

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Lufthansa group vouchers (also apply to Swiss) can be used on any Lufthansa-code flights. If you don't use the full voucher in one ticket, you keep the remaining balance.

They have a specific site for this, and they say a new online redemption link will be in place soon

On the "terms of use" tab, it reads

With the FlightVoucher, a one-off charge of 50€ is counted towards the price of a rebooked flight.
In order to have the FlightVoucher credited when rebooking, users must have rebooked his ticket up to and including 31.08.2020, whereby the new confirmed departure date may not be later than 31.12.2020.
The FlightVoucher can currently only be used for flight rebookings via the Deutsche Lufthansa AG call center.
The FlightVoucher is not transferable and can only be used if a flight ticket is rebooked.
Furthermore, the FlightVoucher can only be used when rebooking flight tickets issued by Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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Interesting Andre. When I called Lufthansa last week for a refund, I was first offered a voucher that was good until April 21, 2021. That was better than what was stated on their web site, but I said I still wanted a refund. Which the agent promptly processed.