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Louvre and other museums with a teenager

I would like to buy a one day pass to the Louvre to avoid the lines, but how does it work when you have a child with you for whom admission is free? Do they just get to go with you since you have a pass?

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Yes, they just accompany you and you claim them as yours and flash your pass.
We did that at the Rodin Museum, the D'Orsay and the Louvre and there were no problems. At the Rodin, we bypassed the line, went to the front door, showed our pass and pointed to our children and and teenager and they let us pass.
At the D'Orsay, we entered through a different door. Again, the children and teen passed with us. At the Louvre, everyone goes through the security line, so there was no advantage to having the pass, other than we didn't have to stand in a ticket line. Enter the Louvre via the Metro station and not through the pyramid to avoid that line.

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There is no one day pass. The musuem pass available comes in 2, 4, or 6 day lengths.

To avoid lines at Louvre no pass is needed, just enter as previous poster said, either from metro or from underground shopping mall.Entrance is off Rue Du Rivoli under the red awing that says "Carousel". I have entered this way in July and August at least 5 times in last 7-8 years and never had to wait more then a few minutes in security lines.
I traveled with 14 yr son 3 yrs ago, I bought my ticket from machine, and he got in free. I am trying to recall if I had to "buy " him a ticket too, I think I did, but it came up free and is just a head count I think.

Lines at Louvre tend to be urban legend more then reality,, if you use correct entrance( avoid Pyramid) and do not go on " free sunday" ( nightmare)

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Thank you both for responding so fast, which is good since we leave day after tomorrow. I guess I won't worry about a pass and we'll just use one of the less popular entrances.