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Lonelier Planet

Lonely Planet's website's 'Thorn Tree' has finally been diminished to 'read-only', which seems like code for 'maybe not ever coming back online'. The end of an era for a former award-winner. The online travel community will be poorer for the loss, IMHO. We've always appreciated the combined effectiveness of research done jointly across THE BIG FOUR: Rick Steves, TA, Fodors and Lonely Planet's aforementioned Thorn Tree. Respect.

I am done. Goodbye to TT.

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The article linked above is from Wednesday 26 December 2012. Don't think that's connected.

In related news - The LP Thorn Tree forums are owned by the BBC?! News to me....

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OK, that makes more sense.

The LP shutdown is sad, though understandable. If it never re-opens, it would be a terrible loss. Let's hope they come out on the other side intact.

Lets also hope that all the RS products and services do the same.

Worth remembering: even "free" online forums have an ongoing cost to maintain and keep running. The cost may be relatively low, but staff need to attend to details, servers need to be backed-up, things need to be kept powered-up and maintained. That's hard for any business to maintain indefinitely with zero revenue coming in...

Thank you to all at RSE HQ for keeping the virtual lights on here.

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Dang. I've been a member on that one for some years but hadn't logged in for a couple of days. Gregg, we've crossed paths on that one but under our TT handles.

We hope to reactivate the forum in the wake of this crisis...

Crossing fingers that it's temporary.
Along with the previous demise of another much-loved travel forum couple of years ago, TT has been my "home" for sharing info on the National Parks/other U..S locations, and 2nd-opinion advance on destinations abroad.

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im relatively new to the travel world , 5 years now and thorntree was my go to . meet some wonderful people through it and received great information for my trips.
was shocked and sadden by the sudden closure of the forum
I did follow some of the regulars into the reddit forum they set up but it wont replace throntree

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I don’t get this “I am done the end“. You say you are done yet you keep coming back.

What do you really mean?

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The end has to do with the Blade Runner film and its message about not wanting the end of things.

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Thanks, Diane. I’ve never seen it so it probably meant nothing to me. I still don’t quite get the first part about being done. Is that part of the whole saying?

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I was clueless and perplexed too, Nigel — thanks for asking. And thank you Diane for the explanation.