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London or Istanbul

My best friend and I are planning a 2-week trip around this Thanksgiving. We've already settled on Prague and Rome, and would like to add either London or Istanbul for a third destination. Trouble is, we can't decide between the two as they're rather like comparing apples and oranges. I've been to London and love it. Neither of us has been to Istanbul. Any suggestions on which to add?
Thanks for any input!

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That's a difficult question to answer. I've been to both and enjoyed both. Well actually, I started life in London, so I'm partial. But ask yourself, "Do you want to return to somewhere you've been before, or do you want to go to a place you've never been to?"

What about price? Istanbul is cheaper, only because London is very expensive.

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Hi Karen,
My vote is for Istanbul--we just returned from spending 7 days there and found it to be an exotic, exciting city! It's huge with lots to see (Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Spice Market, Grand Bazaar, Archaeological Museum, and much more!) good public transportation, inexpensive hotels and restaurants, and fun shopping!

We stayed near the Blue Mosque at a nice, clean hotel called Hotel Sultan Hill

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I would vote for Istanbul. It is fascinating and would be a very different experience from Western Europe. I was there several years ago but it impressed me as quite exotic and Middle Eastern. We spent a week there and had a great time.

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Besides everything already mentioned, when also considering the weather around Thanksgiving, I would tend to go S towards Istanbul and keep London for another time even though London is one of my favorite cities in the world.

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I was in Istanbul a few years ago during the Thankgiving week. The weather was cold and rainy but since we spent most of our time inside beautiful buildings it did not matter. There were periods of sunshine and warmth too, but be prepared for rain.
We stayed near the blue mosque and was able to walk to almost everywhere including the Topaki Palace, Spice Market etc.I would highly recommend a ferry ride to Bursa and
a visit to the Dolombache Palace (sp?).
Istanbul is a beautiful city and very lively. I would pick it over London anytime (not that I don't like London but Istanbul is so much more exotic and different)